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Sage X3 ERP and BI consulting

Companies and their information systems often face various types of changes, whether they are organizational or technological.

For our clients, we provide our expertise and technical skills. We offer an approach tailored to their project, drawing on our solid professional experience.

Our Business Analysis Assistance (AMOA) service accompanies our clients throughout their role as project owners, from drafting specifications to project implementation. Our AMOA consultants ensure the quality of the software used in your IT project. They analyze your functional needs, create comprehensive specifications to optimize future developments, and enhance productivity.

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Reasons to Choose B2E’s Business Analysis Assistance

To benefit from the flexibility of a human-scale structure. To ensure independence between defining your needs and the final product. To access functional skills specific to your requirements. To implement an appropriate methodological approach, such as an audit, for example.

Functional Applications Audit

  • Audit of accounting and financial processes: interviews, process mapping, flow analysis…
  • Evaluation of existing software and/or application solutions to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Recommendations for process and/or software solutions improvements.
  • Examination of solution gaps.
  • Analysis and definition of impacts and risks on the overall functioning of the company.

Co-Writing of Specifications and Vendor Selection

  • Definition of the project scope and objectives, approved by the program management.
  • Collection and analysis of functional requirements from the finance department.
  • Creation of a preliminary study, co-writing of specifications and tender documents, vendor consultation.
  • Comparison and analysis of market responses, assessment of workload and implementation schedule. Selection of vendors and software solutions tailored to your situation.
  • Participation in the formalization of the contract and quality plans.
  • Contributing to the project’s scope definition.

Testing and Functional Validation

  • Development of test plans, test sets, and participation in scenario writing.
  • Execution of unit tests.
  • Creation and execution of user tests, highlighting business scenarios.
  • Detection of anomalies and malfunctions, writing the anomaly report.
  • Creation of the correction and strategic improvement plan before production deployment.

Participation in Project Management

  • Communicating progress updates to the project manager and anticipating project risks.
  • Monitoring resource allocation in coordination with the project manager.
  • Organizing and conducting workshops throughout the project to address user needs.
  • Validating functional, general, and detailed specifications and contributing to their drafting.
  • Participating in the dissemination of project information to users.

Validation, Integration, and Deployment of the Solution

  • Verification of solution’s compliance with detailed specifications.
  • Creation of references and documentation for administrators and users (configuration guide, user manuals).

Change Management and User Training

  • Regular communication about the project’s progress.
  • Reporting to management on risks and major changes affecting users.
  • Anticipating the implementation of required training, whether it’s related to the tool or specific aspects.