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Sage X3 ERP and BI consulting

B2E guides you through optimizing your reporting and business intelligence tools. We assist our clients in decision-making and all their digital transformations, leveraging business intelligence to enhance performance for businesses seeking optimization. For over a decade, we’ve been adding value to our clients, driven by two primary objectives:
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction
Because the quality of information and its effective utilization are central to your objectives, our team of consultants specializes in visualization, consolidation, management control, and data storage tools. We’re here to support you in various strategic aspects of your technological evolution. With our extensive experience in implementing technological solutions, our BI consultant team is here to assist you in all phases of enhancing and automating the management of your “master data”.

Optimize Your Control and Take Charge of Your Data

Unleash the power of your corporate information We assist our clients in converting raw data into actionable insights and solving all BI-related challenges, such as analyzing data from multiple sources and implementing effective solutions.


We assist clients who already have a solution in place but are unsure if they are maximizing its potential. We can assess your solution to determine compatibility of technologies, ensure proper process functionality, and identify opportunities for enhancement.

Reporting and Dashboard

We help our clients look beyond the numbers, focus on vital information, and immediately detect changes and trends. Additionally, we tailor reports and dashboards to user roles, address security concerns, and develop versions compatible with mobile devices.

Requirements Specification

Leveraging our extensive expertise in the field, our BI consultants deliver top-notch analysis regarding your business activities and reporting needs. They will assist you in creating your data model and designing your data warehouse. They will also provide guidance on defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), formatting, and numerical values.

Change Management

B2E can develop specialized training tailored to your Business Intelligence solution based on your corporate data. B2E consultants can offer training sessions for participants at all levels, from beginners to advanced users. During these training sessions, we will provide you with all the necessary information to become proficient in using our software and analytical tools. Throughout the training, we will also offer pertinent advice to assist you in making informed decisions for your business.


We provide our clients with a robust BI environment. Depending on your needs, our BI services cover hardware consulting, technologies, data warehouse development, ETL process setup and data cleansing, delivery of OLAP / ROLAP systems, and software licenses.


We not only develop a BI solution, but we also ensure that it functions as intended. For this reason, we provide a data warehouse and ETL testing, report testing, as well as load and performance testing.


For an optimal Business Intelligence solution, effective installation and configuration are essential. That’s why we provide a range of highly skilled services to optimize the installation and setup of your Business Intelligence solution.

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In most companies, reference data is hosted across multiple systems and exists in silos, leading to inefficiencies in interactions, decision-making errors, increased risks, and potential customer dissatisfaction.

Limited Scope of Utilized Data

The B2E team can integrate and merge data to enable analysis of information from various data sources. When consolidated in a data warehouse, your data becomes easier to comprehend, analyze, and present.

Increasing Gap between Expectations and Reality

We provide a solution tailored to the short and long-term needs of your business. To achieve this, we consider all the specifics of your company and your current and future requirements.

Governance Framework

We assist you in reviewing your reference data and designing governance frameworks and tools for enhancing data quality management. These efforts will enable you to capitalize on value, establish a common language within your organization, and establish consistent communication with your clients, suppliers, and partners.

Unsuitable Reports and Dashboards

We develop user-friendly reports that contribute to a fact-based corporate culture.