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Sage X3 silent import (IMPORTSIL) with error catching

You already know how to manually generate a CSV file in order to import it threw a template in Sage X3. But If you wonder how to catch detailed errors after a silent import here is the solution. Sometimes you need to catch the incoming errors in order to alert the end-user regarding an issue.…
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Sage X3 – Remote SVG folder

Sometimes your installation server lack of space and you are not able to execute DOSEXTRA. Your cloud partner is asking recurring money for a simple disk extension. And you have several other disk available with free space. Problem : The management console nor Sage X3 is natively able to read remote standalone SVG folder You can…
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Sage X3 – Recover sa database password

This solution is exploiting a security breach of the software and is not the standard way to do it. Keep in mind that Sage X3 is calling an external program called crystal report in order to print the reports. The communication between this softwares is not secured, and can be « hijacked » if you have access…
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Sage X3 – Error No 76

Context : You are creating or importing a new folder Using the function Parameters > General parameters > Folders (GESADS) or using Sage X3 Console Problem : Action 1 : When you hit once the validation button of the folder Error 1 : Error No 76 [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Login failed for user…
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How to use Eclipse debug and Sage X3 ?

How to connect Eclipse and Sage X3? The recent trend with cloud has several side effects, on Sage X3 debugger tools. Many Sage X3 consultants encounter several issues in order to connect their Eclipse and Sage X3 in debug mode. These issues are sometimes linked to network complexity, if you are fed up with “infbox” in…
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Sage X3 – How to use ATEXTRA

What is ATEXTRA ? ATEXTRA table exist since Adonix (1997) to store a part of translated text of the application. The weak point of this method is the size limitation, specificaly the maximum lenght of the boxes. It is not possible to store more than 80 characters for a box within this method. You can…
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