Sage X3 – Récupérer mot de passe sa perdu

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Sage X3 – Récupérer mot de passe sa perdu

This solution is exploiting a security breach of the software and is not the standard way to do it.

Keep in mind that Sage X3 is calling an external program called crystal report in order to print the reports.

The communication between this softwares is not secured, and can be « hijacked » if you have access to the solution as partner or customer.

This operation cannot be performed for external and untrusted ressources of the company.
Problem :

The management console is encrypting the database password field and nobody can help you to find it

Pre-requisite :

You need to have access to Sage X3 folder with eclipse or script editor

Setup AIMP3 Entry point

Solution :

AIMP3 Entry point code :



When « PARAM » : Gosub RECOVERY





If find(left$(PARAMETRE(IT),
12), « __DBPASSWORD ») : Infbox PARAMETRE(IT) : Endif

Next IT


Then print anything
with Sage X3 based on crystal report and the following popup will appear
containing the database password for sa login