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Sage X3 ERP and BI consulting

To answer and manage our clients needs as efficiently as possible, we only hire highly qualified ERP consultants worldwide. Their expertise is your best asset to help you automate your business management with a powerful ERP.

We only work with the best. All of our contributors have at least over 10 years experience in counselling and each one is trained to help you manage your ERP system and succeed in your digital transformation project.

Our consultants take the best of methodologies, experience and technology independent research to make every project a big success. We always provide the most accurate management solution regarding your needs, your project and your desires.

Instead of focusing on ERP’s setup, B2E built its reputation by taking advantage of its experience in helping organizations before, during and after implementing an ERP system.





Our services

Our team of functional experts care to take the project context into consideration and use tested and approved methods (multi country approach, project mode, action/training…) oriented towards the standard exploitation. Whenever specificities need to be implemented, our Ingeneering and R&D teams work on the best solution to meet your professional, personal and financial needs.

Project management service

We own an R&D center dedicated to the development of compliant add-ons with the solution standards.

We commit to implementing an ERP software on time that respects the budget and to execute your project by respecting your constraints, your goals and your autonomy.

Project management assistance

To help you become familiar with your new ERP software, we take in charge activities that usually are your responsibilities (data preparation, transfers, solution certification…) with the help of your business ressources. We have a holistic approach regarding commercial, organizational, technological aspects and process for a successful ERP project.


4GL (4th Generation Language)

Design Crystal Report

ETL (Extract Transform Load)

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Web service

Change management

It is our duty to minimize the company’s risks and disturbances during ERP implementation to let you do your job as usual and without inconveniences. Everything is implemented step by step in order to prevent any annoyance.

We also provide a transfer of skills to allow real ownership of the solution by your team and provide you with start-up assistance on site, which will allow you a perfect control of ERP settings. In this way, you can work autonomously quickly after a short period of training and adaptation.

Customer support

Once the implementation is over, we provide an operational maintenance support center to our ERP customers. As we want to make sure you get the best support system, you can measure our center’s quality service by using ticketing tools, which is at your disposal even after the warrantee period. Know that it is always possible to fix any ERP implementation in case of difficulties.

Implement measurable improvements of the operational process within your project

There are many indicators you can use regarding your line of business and your current problems, but a blind management is never a good strategy.

In order to optimize both your satisfaction rate and your resources allocation, you have to work on a specific list of indicators regarding customer service (also known as KPI, Key Performance Indicators).

Got a minute ? Join us !

Running a business doesn’t have to be complicated

Some solutions strongly depend on supplementary modules integration to match every line of business needs. But Sage X3 naturally includes compatible functionalities with distribution, services and production professions such as:

  • Storage management
  • Accounting management
  • Supply chain
  • Production

This ERP solution is perfectly flexible and practical as it leads to a process unification and it facilitates many technical aspects.

Business management software Sage X3 relies on a flexible technology of web services that makes the access to further solutions easier if needed.

Do more, faster

Improve your productivity and accelerate the implementation of a new solution with an intuitive web interface that users can easily customize to work in a pleasant environment.

Improve the service you offer to your customers

Give a boost to resolving all your problems and improve your reactivity with a faster and simpler access to every information they need.

Business doesn’t stop at your doorway

The software ergonomic makes the user way more comfortable and this is why we provide data access on mobile devices. Wherever you are, check your stocks, register client’s orders, approve sales and consult performance indicators while you’re away. You’ll never miss a thing, even if you’re not there.

Expand in new markets or territories

Improve your skills, try new process, manage new commercial department or develop your activity in new markets with a flexible management solution. Our ERP software was conceived to encourage growth and international trade as they are adaptable to every situation.

Get any strategic information when you need it

Assess the risks and control performance in real time with control panels, reporting tools and self-service business intelligence functionalities.

Keep control over your process

Be more effective, make sure your products are compliant and rationalize your operations with a full integration of your profession process, to keep control over costs and optimize your profit.