Project Management Assistance

Sage X3 ERP and BI consulting

Companies and their IT system are always facing different types of change (organizational or technological). Based on our experience, we offer our clients our expertise and technical skills with an appropriate solution to their project. As project ownership assistance, we accompany our client from the specification project to the deployment. Our consultants control the quality of the softwares you already use, analyze your functional needs and formulate an exhaustive project specifications to optimize any future development and then gain more productivity.

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Why hire B2E project ownership assistance ?

To gain flexibility from a human-size company

To guarantee independence between the specification of your needs and the final product

To answer any functional need that requires specific skills

To implement proven and adapted methodological methods (ex: audit)

Applications functional audit

  • Audit the financial and accounting process: interviews, process mapping, flow analysis…
  • Study current softwares solutions and/or applications that meet regulatory requirements
  • Recommend process improvements and/or software solutions
  • Assess solution variance.
  • Analyze and define impacts and risks over the general organization of the company

Specifications co-writing and providers selection

  • Establish the perimeter and the project’s objectives, validated by the project’s board
  • Collect and analyze functional needs with the financial department
  • Achieve a pre-study, co-write the specifications, the tender, consult the providers
  • Compare, analyze the offers, assess the implementation planning and the workload. select the best providers and software packages for your project
  • Participate to the contract’s establishment and the quality plans
  • Participate to project’s scope definition

Tests, operational acceptance

  • Define the test plans, the trial games and participate to scenarios writing
  • Proceed to unit tests
  • Conceive and conduct the user tests with actual business cases
  • Identify the anomalies and dysfunctions, write the bug report
  • Establish a correctional and strategical improvement plan before production

Project management participation

  • Communicate regarding work progress to the project manager and anticipate project’s risk
  • Follow resources allocation in contact with project manager
  • Organize and drive the workshops during the project in order to fulfill user’s needs
  • Validate the functional, general and detailed specifications and participate to their writing.
  • Participate to project’s communication with the users

Validation, integration and solution deployment

  • Verify the conformity of the solution regarding the detailed specifications
  • Write the toolkit and the documentation for administrators and users (user guides, programming notebooks…)

Change management and user training

  • Communicate periodically regarding the project
  • Inform the management regarding any risk or major change for end users
  • Anticipate future required trainings regarding the software and/or specific development