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Many companies use the same methods as us to satisfy their customers: They share the same what and how, but our partners work with us for our why and who. We believe there is a better alternative to provide quality services in order to increase your experience with your IT system using a more valuable and less invasive methodology.

Our goal ? is to offer efficient IT systems that are easy to use on a daily work basis. We want to improve your IT experience with a more qualitative methodology, less invasive.

For all these reasons, we are delighted to put at your fingertips an ERP designed to simplify your computerization: technology should always be a liberating element for businesses, it’s our conviction.

Our deepest wish ? Unleashing organizations to push the boundaries of productivity and innovation. We work with both start-ups and large international companies, adapting our services to your needs.

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Our values


We develop strong relationships that make a positive difference in your life and put the customer relationship at the heart of our concerns. We connect people with what matters most: experience. Putting the user first transforms your organization and the way we work together. Over the years, we have enriched a culture of collaboration and relationship management because we strongly believe that these elements drive innovation.


For us, quality means maintaining rigorous standards for our work, regardless of your project’s size. We are fully involved in your project, to provide you excellent service and to help you achieve your goals. We provide exceptional products and unparalleled service that together provide you a superior quality.


We work together across borders to meet your needs and help your business grow. See us as an extension of your team, use our experience to create results that everyone will be incredibly proud of. The strength of our team lies not only in our combined experience and expertise, but also in our ability to trust each other, regardless of the circumstances.


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Latest How To

We have a very strong technical and functional team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience on Sage X3 / Adonix / Sage Enterprise Management / Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

We will share our knowledge with you regarding implementation, training, customization, components and technology to help you solve all your problems with Sage products.

Contact our team of certified Sage specialist – x3@bi2erp.sg

Sage X3 silent import (IMPORTSIL) with error catching

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Sage X3 – Remote SVG folder

Sometimes your installation server lack of space and you are not able to execute DOSEXTRA. Your cloud partner is asking recurring money for a simple disk extension. And you have[…]

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Sage X3 – Recover sa database password

This solution is exploiting a security breach of the software and is not the standard way to do it. Keep in mind that Sage X3 is calling an external program[…]

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ERP Services

An ERP is a unique data base for intermediate or big companies that need to manage any aspect of their business more easily: customer service management, commercial management, resources management, storage management, supplying, production management, accounting, billing… Correctly set, those softwares are the best way to automate any process. In just a glimpse you can control many aspects of your business thanks to multiple control panels that are based on a unique source of information. Our services include system managing, updates, migration, configuration, development, maintenance, support, security… We accompany you every step of the way to a full configuration and control of your ERP softwares to give you full autonomy. However, we are always at your disposal to accompany you and guide you in your project. The B2E team has over 10 years of ERP implementation and deployment experience for many prestigious clients and has developed proven processes that minimize learning curve and communication gaps. They enable us to provide seamless ERP deployments and upgrades that meet your needs and technical requirements, enabling business uniqueness.

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Business Intelligence Services

We offer a wide range of services including technological intelligence activity to assist you in any aspect of your project and business administration.

For 10 years, we have been providing comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI). Our services include consulting, implementation, data reporting, health check and testing to help your business make the right decisions and improve customer relationship management. We treat each project individually and select the appropriate information systems that best meet your needs.
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Project Ownership Assistance

A digital transformation project is always strategic, which involves changing the DNA of an organization. The project management assistance is characterized by a propensity to respond to this issue by helping the organization to develop its own adaptation capacities in an environment that is evolving more rapidly. Transformation projects represent societal and corporate challenges, very important investments, sometimes with very limited deadlines. The client organization secures and strengthens its system by calling on a Project Ownership Assistance.

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