Business intelligence services

Sage X3 ERP and BI consulting

B2E assists you in optimizing your reporting and BI tools.

We assist our clients with all their Digital Transformations by investing in our people. We’re continuously bringing value to our customers for more than 10 years now, driven by two main objectives: quality and client’s satisfaction.

Because the quality of the information as well as the exploitation of its wealth remain at the heart of your stakes, our team of consultants specializing in the tools of visualization, consolidation, control management and storage of the information accompanies you in the different aspects of your technological evolution.

Our experience in the implementation of technological solutions allows us to support you in all phases of improvement and automation of the management of your “master data”.

Optimize your driving and take control of your data

Unleash the power of your corporate information

We help our customers convert their raw data into actionable information and solve any BI-related issues, such as analyzing data from multiple sources to implement a solution.


We support customers who already have an installed solution, but don’t know if they are getting the most out of it. We can check your solution to see if the technologies used are compatible, if the processes are working properly and if there is room for improvement.

Reporting and dashboard

We help our clients to look beyond the numbers, to focus on important information and to immediately detect changes and trends. In addition, we adapt reports and dashboards to user roles, solve security issues, and develop mobile-friendly versions.


Our experience allows our consultants to deliver the best analysis of your business activity and your reporting needs. They will help you create your data model and design your data warehouse. They will advise you in the definition of KPIs (key performance indicators), format and numbers.

Change management

B2E can develop specific training tailored to your Business Intelligence solution from your corporate data. B2E consultants can offer training, regardless of the level of participants (from beginner to advanced).


We provide a robust BI environment to all our clients. Depending on your needs, our BI service can also provide any material consulting, technologies, data warehouse development, ETL process implementation and data cleaning, OLAP / ROLAP system delivery and licenses.


We not only develop BI solutions, but we also make sure that it works as intended. For this reason, we provide a data warehouse and ETL tests, report tests, as well as load and performance tests.


For an optimal business intelligence solution, efficient installation and setup is essential. That’s why we offer a range of highly qualified services to optimize the installation and setup of your Business Intelligence solution.

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A few things we are great at

In most organizations, master data are hosted in multiple systems and silos, which end in inefficient interactions, errors in decision-making, increased risk, and can cause dissatisfaction customers.

Limited scope of data used

B2E team can integrate and merge data to analyze it from multiple database. When aggregated in a data warehouse, data is easier to understand, to analyze and to restore.

Growing gap between expectations and the existing

We provide the best solution tailored to your company’s needs, short and long term, so we take every specific aspect of your company into consideration regarding your current and future needs.

Governance framework

We help you review your master data and design governance frameworks and tools for improving data quality management that will enable you to capitalize on value, establish a common language within your organization, and to put in place a coherent communication with your customers, suppliers and partners.

Unsuitable reports and dashboards

We develop user-friendly relationships that contribute to a business culture based on facts.